Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This blog is moving!

I want to give you a lot more content, better content, and I want to give it to you faster, and I want it to be available to you in any format you would like, and so I have changed the technology I'm using to publish my blog, and moved it here:

The Brain Carer

See you on the other side.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Facing Fears

It took me a while to realize my fears were holding me back...

I didn't even recognize them as fears.

But as I did, I shot ahead in the things I wanted to achieve.

I've taken the time to write down a lot of how I faced those fears, and you can read all about it for free by signing up for my five fruiths at


Saturday, November 17, 2007

The world's most dangerous animal

Do you know what the world's most dangerous animal is?

I believe I have just been feeding one of the world'smost dangerous animals -- just 10 minutes ago -- here, in my ownhome.

But how do you measure 'dangerous'?

Is it 'venomous'?
In Australia, for example, the Box Jellyfish (Carybdea alata), killsmore people than snakes, sharks and saltwater crocodiles. If you comein contact with its tentacles, you could stop breathing in aslittle as three minutes.

Does it mean 'scary with big teeth'?

...then the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) sails rightup there. The world's largest reptile does take out a human everynow and then.

...Lions would be rather scary and dangerous, too, if you're takinga stroll down the savanna.

Or does 'dangerous' mean 'how many people it kills'?

In fact, I believe I have just been feeding one of the world'smost dangerous animals just 10 minutes ago, here, in my own home.

I even took a picture of it, and you can see it here.

So what is it? And *why* is it so dangerous? I'll tell you why...

Have a nice day!


P.S. Hint: It's not any of the above!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just A Perfect Day

August 4th 2007, my beautiful Tonje said YES in front of 70 people, and so now she can't take it back and I feel like the luckiest man alive :-D

I've posted some pictures at for the curiosly minded of the lovely people who take the time out of their days to read my email Memory course.

All is love,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On Trust And Goals

Three days ago, I recevied this email. I think
Hamid has some really good points here, and I
encourage you to read it.


Dear Sten

First of all thanks for your enthusiasm and your

Hope Allah will bless you with the best of this world
and the best of eternity inshaaAllah (Godwilling).
Hope your newborn beauty also lightens up your day
through the grace of Allah.

My opinion on memory is simple: Avoid useless
information that confuses ones attention.

But how to do this?!

I think there should be 3 ingredienses:
One has to have a GOAL as a guideline

The only flaw in nature is Mankind...
otherwise the creativity is beautifully structered. If
you move the sun a bit there will be chaos in the
entire solar system...

If you move around with your DNA in your pinky-finger
there will be caos in all of your body.

So everything is coherent.

And what we are searching for is to perfect our
memory. Or to perfect ourselfs in our jobs, in our
relationships or even in sports.

Every aspect of human work is aimed to perfect itself.

This is our little individual Goal as a species or
individuals - but we lack the greater purpose.
To get a hold of this Ingrediens we have to TRUST
Allah(God) - like a child should trust his father,
when the father wants the best for his children.

So TRUST and the GOAL are in a symbioses
like when you say that one has to trust his or her
memory in order for it to work properly in harmony.

Creativity is excercised by searching for knowlegde
and exercising in creating something oneself - (WITH A
REASONABLE GOAL). This could be painting, lyrics,
architecture, birdhouses etc. Or it could be as you
say - read something and take notes - study and

Structure should be practised through repetition so to
cleanse and perfect ones Act or Actions.

For instans turn of the Tv atleast 5 times a day and
pray and glorify the Greatness of Allah who is perfect
in every and all ways, just for 5 minuttes. And then
one can increase it step by step to improve ones love
and TRUST in oneself and in Allah...

Because it is often the lack of trust or rather
mistrust, and the lack of love that springs from
mistrust - that leads to cliches in oneself and in
between people.

What I am trying to say is that truth and beauty lies
in simplicity - but many people like to make things
complex just for the fun of it - and in the meantime
they get lost in the overload.

A REASONABLE Goal - Trust - Creativity - Structure -
Action - because take is cheap.

That's my tip

Have a nice evening inshaaAllah


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Do You Want With Your Life?

You know, I ask all my clients this

"If you got to choose, what would be
the perfect way to help you achieve
your goals?

Something that helped you improve
your memory, or reading speed, as
we've already been discussing?

Or something completely different?

Defining meaning in life? Setting goals?
Keeping on track? What?

What keeps you awake at night, thinking
"if only I could ________, ah, then life
would be great, and my troubles would

What would the perfect way to help you
become more of what you want to be, to
live life fuller?"

I get a lot of great answers when I ask
this question.

And a lot of people wouldn't mind a little
more money. Or a lot more.

A lof of people want to be more focused.
They want to accomplish things. Follow
their dreams.

Or they want to find their dreams! Find
a little purpose. A lot of people are in
jobs they hate and have lives that are
not all they could be.

Now that is a very common thing, indeed.
And it is something we will have to do
something about.

We can't just sit here and let people
waste their lives.

I'll keep you posted on my thoughts on


Friday, September 22, 2006

How To Remember Better By Sleeping

I recently touched upon the issue of sleep
and memory. An interesting twist has been
discovered by research on fruit flies.

It seems that, at least in fruit flies,
consolidation of memories is helped by
afternoon naps -- but not much by normal
night sleep.

From the Nature article:
"I'm a strong believer in flies as models to
study sleep, which I admit has been quite
difficult to convince the sleep community in
general," says Chiara Cirelli of the University
of Wisconsin, Madison, who was involved in a
paper showing that flies do sleep. This latest
paper, she agrees, shows an interesting link
between socializing, sleep and memory.